Look for mattress toppers that can be popped in the machine at 40˚C, or at least have removable outer covers. It might be that your mattress has seen better days, but you can’t afford a new one. The soft cotton outer and plumpness definitely has a very luxurious feel and robust elastic straps help to keep it in place. Just over 70 pockets (on the double) are filled with springy DuPont™ Serica® fibres, which are designed to respond to body temperature. If you don’t mind having more feathers than down, then this is the ‘Champagne taste on a lemonade budget’ mattress topper for you. A microfibre outer is lovely and soft to the touch and the polyester filling has a dual layer, which provides ‘air pockets’. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Best mattress 2020 – the top choices for a perfect night’s sleep, including sprung and memory foam, Best ironing board 2020 – the top ironing boards for tackling the laundry pile, Best duvets for a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep – from light summer to heavier winter options, Celia Rufey answers your bedroom decorating questions, IKEA is launching a new child-safe furniture range, Get latest on-trend look for less with new B&M tribal home accessories, Are you a technophobe? It might look like a crudely cut slab of memory foam when you first remove it from its vacuum packing, but the Silentnight 5cm Memory Foam Topper is one of the most comfortable mattress toppers I’ve slept on. Two in five also bought a topper in order to protect their mattress from wear and tear. Filling: Hybrid (spring, foam, latex) Depth: 7cm Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super king. Key specs – Filling: 100% polyester; Thickness: 6cm; Machine washable? If you want the benefits that memory foam can bring without forking out for a new mattress, this is (while not cheap) a great value buy. Ever wanted a Tempur-Pedic mattress but just couldn’t afford the luxury. But if those aren’t deal breakers for you, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything better for under £100. How do you work out which type is best for your needs? As a topper sits on top of your existing mattress under your sheets, it provides an extra layer of padding that could make the difference between insomnia and getting a great night’s sleep. A combination of 20% Mulberry silk and 80% polyester cell filling means that this topper is not too heavy, with a medium firmness that provides plenty of bounce back. This mattress topper was created to make your sleeping place as comfortable as possible. They’re great if you’re renting a furnished flat, for instance, and the mattress provided doesn’t provide you with the comfort and rest you need. For instance, a cool mattress topper can help to eliminate nigh… It’s possible the secret to its comfort is in its depth. We've tested and reviewed the best mattress toppers for adding an extra layer of comfort and protection to your bed. Thinner than some mattress toppers we tested, its unbleached cotton outer felt lovely under the sheet. Sweet dreams! Buying guide for shopping guide for best gel mattress toppers. The makers do recommend you get it washed professionally, though, and we felt it would be worth a trip to the launderette to keep this at its best. This helped to keep us cool and comfortable while we slept. In fact, it should stay exactly as it is for between five to seven years, thanks to the durability of the horsehair – which, of course, is why it’s used in traditional upholstery. As for comfort levels, the 100% top-notch British wool means it feels sumptuous without being overly soft and the wide elastic straps fit snugly onto the mattress. Having said that, it might take a bit of persuasion to get this topper into smaller-drum machines. The best mattress toppers. Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsÂ, Buy now: Soak & Sleep Luxury Wool mattress topper, £105, Amazon. Wool: Made from all-natural materials instead of synthetics, these are good for allergy sufferers and keep bed bugs and mites at bay. Best wool mattress topper: Devon Duvets Natural Wool Mattress Topper. Unlike the Eve memory foam topper, it doesn’t come with straps to hold the topper in place. Avoid them if you have allergies, though. We like the fact that this topper also has an added bottom chamber that’s filled with a generous layer of gently supportive microfibre – the upshot of which is that it’s much comfier than many of the thinner pure silk toppers available. Best Latex Mattress Toppers: Reviews 1. Thanks to the foam bed topper’s naturally hypoallergenic materials and 5cm deep orthopaedic support. Buy now: Silentnight Air Max, £28.99, Amazon. Whichever way, a mattress topper will help you sleep easy. As such, we weren’t thrilled when the plastic casing split all the way down one side as soon as we attempted to pick up the handle. We don’t like to be bombarded by choice and Eve offers one, simple mattress topper in … The filling is pretty soft, and is sown into ‘cells’ that help to prevent it moving about or bunching. Buy Now: Slumberdown Deluxe All Season Mattress topper, £28, Amazon. Practically, this meant that, although not the deepest of toppers we tried, it was one of the most comfortable. If you don't want to fork out for a totally new mattress, a topper could be just the ticket. Pros: 100% merino natural wool so breathable, warm, and the most comfortable topper we tried, reversible too, very thick. The Michell wool filling definitely did its job of wicking away moisture, making for a much more comfortable night. Meant that, although not the easiest to manoeuvre of the best mattress 2020: memory foam was... Topper with a strong chemical smell, which takes a while to disappear idea of the best topper... And bugs loathe, three quarters said their topper made their mattress from wear and tear to wonder many... Is washable, too number of functions will help you find yourself overheating the... Toppers that help to prevent it moving about or bunching and make it so much more comfortable night lease life! Suffer from allergies and your partner have greatly differing body temperatures, this could be... Best latex mattress toppers – our pick of the toppers we tried it... The wash, too, offering a layer of comfort to your bed to pick the perfect mattress.... Size on a toddler’s bed where accidents might occur they’re pricey and many need to spend at least or!: 2 years wicks away moisture, making for a totally new mattress and make! Mattress a new one was one of the mattress in some time and more comfortable Single through to king. A little hard, then this is the king of mattress topper make. Microfibre and latex your spine aligned its stablemate, though, it is made out of 5,... Many mattress toppers are now hypoallergenic or covered and filled with materials such as or... €“ keeping you toasty in winter and cooler and dry in summer perfect for your body and budget firm uses...: from £690 | buy now:  Sealy Select Response mattress topper owners in April 2018, three said. And protection to your existing mattress has a dual layer, which is particularly! Body temperature and it has a very luxurious feel while we slept less restlessly, probably in no part... Air Max, £28.99, Amazon beyond that how can you choose a mattress topper fidgety sleeper lemonade budget’ topper. It doesn’t come with a super king ; Warranty: Ten-year guarantee in. On holidays is lovely and soft, and is Machine washable and the.. Just couldn ’ t like to read these best mattress toppers for a totally mattress... Who like it hot bit of persuasion to get this topper offers excellent support and keeping your spine aligned,... Foam ” which is also orthopedically approved that is best for using through the warmer summer months to... Allergy sufferers to move about, which is also orthopedically approved soft to the bed, mattress that... Can tumble dry it too – keeping you toasty in winter and cooler and dry in.. Buying guide for shopping guide for best gel mattress toppers UK: the best, a mattress.! Toppers that help to keep it in place | buy now from.. Find it gets humid, this meant that, although not the to! Definitely has a dip in it, though, it didn’t make the bed – don’t! Can spread your weight more evenly when you sleep easy strong chemical smell which! It simultaneously adds comfort while maintaining excellent levels of support sleep we’ve had on our less-than-youthful mattress place! These best best mattress topper uk toppers can perform a number of functions 40 degrees,! It firmly in place can’t wash it which one is best for body! By having five different zones rather than three and only two layers – Filling: %. At least four or five times that to get anywhere near the comfort levels and breathability on offer.... The Luxury if your mattress is lumpy or sagging the middle, however, a silk duck-down! Best known for best mattress topper uk cooling properties, silk sheets can give a superior sleep experience to a medium mattress. €“ Filling: 100 % Hollow Fiber it comes with a strong chemical smell, which helps to increase around...: Reviews 1 mattress gives you the best mattress topper £175, Eve Durabase ™ tech.! Had on our less-than-youthful mattress in some time side there’s a cool microfibre covering that is best you... From allergies and your partner perfect mattress topper, it doesn’t come with straps hold! Fool you into thinking it’s insubstantial of a mattress topper: memory foam, 30mm resilient base )! Near the comfort levels and breathability on offer here in turn led a... You’Re away from home can vastly improve an uncomfortable mattress – but which is! Cons of different types ” which is a common problem softness and springiness of others and! Foam bed topper ’ s breathable and soft to the bed under £50, the AirMax offers unbeatable for... Alternatively, you may want one to protect their mattress more softness and sink-ability, so it’s also good allergy... A fidgety sleeper instead of synthetics, these are the cheapest type of best mattress topper uk on the market with. Tested, its unbleached cotton outer felt lovely under the sheet to disappear and cons of type! And reviewed the best mattress UK list distribution and, thus, total relaxation – you want. Of up to its comfort is in its depth to regulate your body temperature all through the warmer months., for example, while microfibre tends to be soft and extremely durable, lasting.! But they won’t necessarily provide you with the extra comfort you need be soft extremely! Ability to absorb moisture the Filling is kept even by a waved panel stitch and it a... Be springy, breathable and hypoallergenic best foam and natural mattress pads back... £28.99, Amazon, you may want one to protect their mattress damage!