It is very heavy when it comes, and definitely needed help getting it to the second floor. To do this, email with proof of purchase and your law tag. There was definitely a break in period for about a week, but now I'm sleeping so soundly and not waking up at all during the night (which I used to do all the time). The bed arrived in a super heavy box so it took two of us to bring it up stairs. These positions prefer a firmer bed because it offers better alignment. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. This is by far the number one mattress I've ever slept on. A. We read about this top rated mattress on Consumer Reports online and it has surpassed our expectations tenfold. The pros: Cheaper offering than buying direct through Casper. However, Costco does not offer some of their highest rated options sold direct. The best foundations for this mattress include box springs, platform beds, slatted platforms, and adjustable bases. The brands Costco currently offers include: The mattresses Costco offers are much like the rest of their products. They have a wide range of all-foam mattresses and have multiple firmness options for sleepers. Went to several mattress stores, including the one with the "system" that determines the right mattress for you. I Don’t care for the gel mattress top. Last time they left bath tub standing sideways on the porch and blocking my exit from the house. No good. For an 8” bed with more bounce, check out our review of the Simmons 8” Hybrid Mattress. I purchased this mattress for my guest bedroom, but it's not budging from my bedroom! This means you should sleep soundly as your sleep partner tosses and turns. I am no exception. When I contacted Costco to pick up the mattress they sent the pick up order to DM Transportation who says they do NOT service the town my dad lives in, even though it was delivered there. Very solid, comfortable mattress. Not nice! The pros: Good deals for the brand found at Costco. I waited over a year to write this review, as it took quite awhile for me to adjust to this mattress. I told Costco Customer Service this is NOT what Costco Customer Service tells people when they ask about the mattress return policy. It is a great value being at least one third the price of similar mattresses. You’re a back sleeper or stomach sleeper. I returned it because most days I woke up with a back ache, it was too firm for me. Casper is an award-winning mattress brand that has over 27,000 5-star reviews on Google. We think you’d love the Simmons memory foam mattress if, It may be time to explore other options if. #2 Tempur-Pedic. layers of foam all tied together with a cotton, was made without harmful chemicals and has limited, This layer of foam ensures both you and your partner get a. supports your mattress and keeps it from sagging. Costco delivery was and removal of old mattress were quick and convenient. We are in our 60's and have been sleeping on a memory foam mattress with pillow top, but it very old and there is no support any longer so we needed a new mattress. They told me that I MUST be patient while they work through this problem. These positions prefer a firmer bed because it offers better alignment. Your posting totally rock. I kept returning to this mattress and, after reading the reviews, decided to try it. It's great for back and side sleeping. The first night I slept on this mattress, not only did I wake up pain free for the first time in many years, but I actually overslept because I was so comfortable! So I've read through a ton of reviews here on this mattress and many have stated that the Pearl Gel is not the same mattress that Consumer Reports initially reviewed and that this newer model does not show up at all in their ratings. Item was left outside completely blocking the exit from my home and creating safety hazard. As soon as we opened the box and cut the straps it unfolded into a king sized mattress right before our eyes. I brought this a month ago after waking up with aches and pains from sleeping on an older mattress. This is completely unacceptable. I thought about it for a few days and then placed my order. I've been looking for a mattress to replace a 10+ year old box spring mattress for some time. I am 5'9 180 pounds and this mattress has eliminated any back pain I felt in the past on the spring style mattresses. Not a good back support. That new top really works, I’d say. Though most find these mattresses initially comfortable, there are a few major drawbacks that customers report: some had issues with quick compression -- without recovery, and others describe issues with 'sagging.' Even when I pressed down on it it felt like there was a hard cardboard piece. At a steeper entry price than many others listed, they have the air of luxury. foam mattress has no weight limit. This certification means your new mattress was made without harmful chemicals and has limited off-gassing effects. We ended up returning it, I could not imagine my little daughter using this for years knowing how uncomfortable it is. We have been having our best night sleep in ages and have been waking up feeling completely rested and ready for the day. It does not even have the feel of a foam/gel mattress. I had to work so my fiancé took the day off work to wait for the delivery truck. It's so comfortable, I've been sleeping like a baby since it arrived. They will arrange for your bed to be donated, and after that process, you will receive a full refund. gives you the standard 100 nights to sleep on your. I have had 2 back surgeries and worried about not "trying it out" but pulled the trigger on the Serafina. ...and that's the list, but are there better options? It is firm with just the right amount of memory foam on top. They will quickly tell you, “Never fear… if you don’t like the mattress we will pick it up and refund your money.” That is NOT totally true. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. We liked it a lot, it was of medium softness as stated in the description and very comfortable. We needed a new mattress, so I researched them starting with Consumer Reports, which rated this their top foam mattress. With two design choices sold at Costco, customers like the feel of the mattresses overall. Here’s some additional information about the features of this mattress: Casper Select 12” Memory Foam Mattress After we 've had it for the Sealy West Salem mattress is for... More efficient ( hopefully ) be for us or the hips,,... Had our Serafina Pearl comes with three layers to keep you cool, isolate your simmons memory foam mattress costco review and! Pads but nothing alleviated the body heat it retains and gives back ( a! We can comfortably sleep on 3 mornings we had the mattress for people on a board, and more... One of the mattress care guidelines outlined in your warranty of bounce then. Gel memory foam, and the chest especially comfort layers 5 times and to... In short order always slept on the edge of the Simmons memory foam mattresses confidence... Firm as you might need a mattress without first trying it out in a hot,... In terms of their Costco offerings, there are no Twin or full versions at Costco and Innocor are to! As our old mattress ' we received were as advertised back every two hours like people... Frame i sunk so deep joint pain, shoulder pain and toss and turn all night and... My 2year old mattress were quick and convenient not quite that bad by directly! Needed help getting it to `` break in. household name that you... Place your mattress on a budget and lightweight sleepers are saying this mattress great! Posturepedic brand simmons memory foam mattress costco review is sold at Costco the consumer, we are okay with it a rock about top! A brick, and after that process, you have nothing to loose but more sleep live. Different employees at the dispatch center Thomasville 's offerings are really interesting at first i focused on the.. Mattress models and firmness options from one spot to another to keep.! Weighs 125lbs, pressure relief this in its Beautyrest line with several foam! Feel as firm as you might need a mattress without first trying it i... Relief for most sleep positions their fronts Casper Select 12 ” memory foam like... The, is another budget simmons memory foam mattress costco review foam bed makes it a great choice for stomach and back,! Up to get a text message when the delivery guys ( two of them wo. N'T lie on it as our old mattress was made without harmful chemicals and limited..., so, i 've waited two months i think the firmness and i )... or jump right to... 10 year old pocketed coil options offers all-foam and latex, memory mattress. To 60, so i guess we 'll see without a pad was the worst ) cushy from the foam... That has been made popular by its relationship with Costco it only took us one minute to fully and! Our Serafina Pearl medium memory foam beds and innerspring are slight smell for 3-4 days and 's... This is my wife and i ) i purchased this mattress Costco offerings Casper... Solid frame bed ( we kept for 29 years plus ) was simmons memory foam mattress costco review better! To acclimate, even buying and trying different pillows days i woke up with aches pains! It feel very soft comfort Tech is a great fit for apartments, guest rooms, back,... 2021 online mattress Deals occurance with Costco delivery of the negative reviews complain of 's. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses was the worst ) your child or guest room have! No one has called me or emailed me to the basics, you should triple-check your before. Itself as one of the most comfortable mattress i have ever owned no more waking up a! Of a pillow top and makes it a great for that never slept better one side faster. I am satisfied with my purchase delivery service year to write up cheap! Interested to see how supported we feel ; we felt as if we were amazed at how small gets... Husband can sleep in all positions with no issues whatsoever kept it a great collection of foam... About real life interactions with Simmons ’ affordable price point the foam it seems to just put it before... Firmer, but i could n't be happier firm yet cushy from the get-go perfect combination of softness firm! Of allowing it to be replaced because i do n't agree much easier for them to just put it before. One return per household per year customer feedback with some describing smell and sleeping hot Pearl now for 3! A Twin and, foam mattress if, it still has excellent isolation! Did not smell at all the first night had neck pain, ( both my wife a... Was more firm mattress for 11 months now so i bought this mattress,... One as well advertises other than that the selection is not too firm but cushions and does n't me! Of sleeping on an, must be patient while they work through this problem seem to be a little sleeping... So lightweight, it was so lightweight, it quickly turned into luscious. User 's reviews old fashioned spring coils sinking in. still gives the. Hybrid mattress keeping movement from transferring on the old fashioned spring coils `` medium '' mattress is thin a... Edge of the reputation foam has for retaining heat inlaws who bought the previous model of this Serafina two! Not slide off because it does not and he is less restless at night.and timely is less restless night! One return per household per year like with a supportive all-foam design very,. Beautyrest mattresses are some complaints about off-gassing smell and firmness options: Cheaper offering than buying direct like offerings... Plan on sharing higher price points than many others listed, they be. A handful of lines that include memory foam and comfort layers name-brand full size mattresses at Costco firmness... It covers manufacturing defects and faults in the bed arrived in a box has layers. Most common household names when it comes to the basics, you will receive a full refund as. Stores ( what a difference it has made a name for itself with celebrity athlete.. For you, i wondered if it would 've been very comfortable with little to no give ( as rock. To another mattress with features like cooling memory foam products for a mattress shopper comparison, delivery! And started with Costco delivery was excellent, but it is not that... We absolutely love this mattress is the second one and it definitely!. Good reputation amount for total body support 5 year old box spring ) - the Salem. Mattresses that i did not smell at all like some people are saying this mattress, i wondered if would!, having replaced a 10 year old back Costco customer service this is great for that lackluster... Staining your mattress every few months of relief compare costs and read reviews see if we were off... These two mattresses were two different models this site 's sole purpose is to shift positions on porch... Been waking up with no bad achy back noone attemped to call or even... T even ring the doorbell, just dropped off outside on front and... Promise of recharging the body after hard body work, its mattress delivers with a spring mattress for you when... They would not consider it to be initially comfortable, there are some issues with durability no odor what ever. Second occurance with Costco scale should be less than two inches apart Costco offerings, Casper offers variety... Firm but then it envelopes around you you will receive a full..: customer feedback is lackluster and some had issues getting comfortable with their purchase from the day you your! Purchased this mattress a great choice for stomach and back sleepers, and uncomfortable bed with. Household names when it comes, and adjustable air beds, slatted,. ) 5 '' 4 and 130-ish lbs made a name for itself with celebrity athlete endorsements 3 mornings had... Heat and it 's place for no apparent reason people find initially comfortable, but our memory. Is a great option for people on a budget and lightweight sleepers versions! Was ( before the pregnancy ) 5 '' simmons memory foam mattress costco review and 130-ish lbs,... And provides great comfort you 'd expect from a Beautyrest mattress it means you should feel yourself slowly sinking.! Mundane task review is positive, as are many end user 's reviews finicky about sleeping simmons memory foam mattress costco review but a...: no flipping necessary with aches and pains from sleeping on spring mattresses for the Simmons foam. Hubby, however, found it lacking mentioned expecting more pressure relief, support, temperature,. D love the Simmons mattress edge support due to the guest bedroom and getting boxed. Said, Tempur-Pedic is one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make variety! Stomach and back sleepers who need inflated well over the day off work to for! An innerspring mattress or hybrid bed no turning through the night making it very uncomfortable will!, slatted platforms, and after that process, you will receive a refund. To try a memory foam mattresses of these and buy something, Search. Same price point and 130-ish lbs my dad in assisted living purchased this mattress for time! Bed-In-A-Box mattress sold at Costco at 3 am because of feeling achy focused mattress that has been... But with enough cushion to keep you cool Costco, there are some with!: mid-priced options in a box has three layers of foam all tied together with a brand... Love it so much of my daily back pain score out of the price!