How to create a compelling lead generation Offer: A 10-Step Guide

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How to create a compelling lead generation Offer: A 10-Step Guide

Empower-How to create a compelling lead generation offer

Fact: A whopping 61% of marketers admit lead generation is their number one challenge. (source)

Ready to get some clarity on developing your core offer and lead generation strategy? You’re in the right place. We’ve researched for you and compiled the insights from masters who have worked with thousands of customers to dial it down into a simple process with a formula to create your lead generation offer.

We call it the one-two punch for capturing leads and understanding your customers so that you can deliver accordingly and have a stream of happy customers who refer you more often.

General Protocol:

A great lead generation offer is to propose your product/services in a way where the cost to ratio is value heavy, i.e., the value of the offer exceeds the cost to be paid.

To create an offer like this, you have to keep these rules in your mind:

  • Create a unique offer for your customers. Personalize it with your voice and branding.
  • Use factual, objective language (not an invitation).
  • Keep it simple. A 3rd grader should understand what you are offering.
  • Be informative and answer as many objectives as possible.
  • Stay enthusiastic and positive.
  • Utilize a professional copywriter or landing page expert when available.

Ok – Let’s Begin

  • STEP 1 –  Preparation
  • STEP 2 – It ALL starts with a great title or hook
  • STEP 3  – The short description & highlights
  • STEP 4 – The details
  • STEP 5 – Testimonials, photos, and proof (optional)
  • STEP 6 – Add FAQs
  • STEP 7 – Call to Action
  • STEP 8 – Pricing
  • STEP 9– Preview, test & feedback
  • Step 10 – Keep analyzing your data
  • Conclusion

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STEP 1 – Preparation

Before moving any further, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Is this easy and fun to do?
  2. Do you feel equipped to launch this offer right now?
  3. Are you following the same principles you’re offering/teaching?

If you get a resounding “HECK YAH,” then you are good to move forward.

Identify Your Target Customer:

Who is THE PERSON that you will be helping?

When creating an offer, you should narrow down your target audience to people you know will benefit from this offer or those businesses/people who are ready for the next step in their journey.

If you are not clear about your target audience, do create buyer personas. This exercise will help you identify who you want this offer to be developed for.

Suppose you have an audience or engage in a networking group with a lot of your target market. In that case, it’s imperative to pay attention to the questions that people are asking so you can have a very clear understanding of what they need and how you can fulfill this for them.

Do a bit more research and take a look at AnswerThePublic with the specific topic to learn what topics and questions are being searched for in general. Take a survey with your audience is also an effective way to develop your offer.

PRO TIP: Allow the offer to fully take form as you learn more about your audience and what they need and want.

Create What You Embody:

When developing your offer, you have to embody it yourself. We can theoretically know something, but unless we have actually lived and breathed an experience, it’s extremely difficult to be then able to share and pass on that knowledge.

Keep your offer lite and simple. Be confident, and don’t be nervous. If you are not feeling good, it will show in your presentation and reflect poorly on your growth.

Always remember and keep in mind that business is easy and fun! You have the talent and skills the world needs. Be the guiding light that you are and shine brightly!


STEP 2 – It All Starts with a Great Title or Hook

When writing your offer headline, it’s important to grab attention and pique the target audience’s interest.

The heading should offer something that would relate to the reader with a clear result once they are done with your offer.

The heading can be a question that your target audience has, and you have the answer.

For example, if you’re selling an online course about improving company culture, your title can be:

“How to create an office environment for better productivity.”

Or you can create a title that offers the complete solution, something like:

“A complete step by step guide to creating a productive office environment.”

You can also quantify your title so readers/listeners can know the effort they have to put in this course (which is minimal). The title can be:

“A 7 step guide to creating a productive office environment.”

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STEP 3 – The Short Description & Highlights

Letting people know quickly if they are in the right place can be important in this fast-paced world where typically you will have 10-20 seconds to let people know you have something that they want.

Whether you use a fantastic photo or just words, make sure to be clear and keep visitors wanting more.

Highlights are best as bullet points! Give your prospects a short and informative overview of your offer and highlight the most important selling proposition.

Sometimes a great 20-60 second video can be just what people want. This is an elevator or intro video to your offer and a taste of what they can expect.

STEP 4 – The Details

Explaining the offer’s essential details will help your prospects understand and know what to expect from you. This will increase the probability of a purchase.

Your details should have all the necessary elements explained precisely so the reader can know exactly what he will be getting if he enrolls. Having something special that is an incentive or bonus with the offer can make it more memorable.

The details section can answer the 5Ws:

  • What: What is the problem you are going to solve.
  • Who: Who this offer is for.
  • Why: Why have you created this offer/course.
  • When: When are you going to start it.
  • Where: Where exactly is it going to happen.

Think hard about these questions and explain those in a fun and inspiring way to your prospects. Let’s take our company culture course example and fit in the 5Ws.


What:  This course will help you create a customized office culture for higher efficiency, better team retention, and increase bonding between the whole team. We use games, retreats, and one-on-one sessions with management and employees to rewire their psychology around their company vision.

Who: This online course is for entrepreneurs/managers/CEOs/HR professionals who want to improve their company culture.

Why: Often, there is a huge mindset gap between management and employees, which leads to friction and lack of motivation. It can be turned into a powerhouse with a proper culture shift, where everyone thinks around the same vision. This course will help you understand and develop that culture in your office.

When: You can start this 4 weeks online course starting tomorrow. It also includes 3 one-on-one sessions with our mentor, Laura Hendrickson.

Where: You can visit our website or visit Udemy for more details.


STEP 5 – Testimonials, Photos and Proof (optional)

It’s a great idea to include a couple of testimonials, case studies, or past participants’ results to support your claim. Photos, videos can also add additional proof to your story.

Fact: Adding reviews boosts conversions more than 35% (source)


“Jonathan & Co had three employees leaving the company simultaneously, and the rumor of more friction was on the rise. With our help, not only were they able to keep the employees happy and increased their employee retention by 3x. They also were able to achieve their 2 years goals in a single fiscal year.”

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STEP 6 – Add FAQs

It’s a great idea to list the frequently asked questions with answers on your landing page. This is an opportunity to flush out people who are not a good fit and address the most frequent obstacles and objectives that you’ve come across in your sales process. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Any specific requirements for participation?
  • What to bring?
  • What’s included in the offer (perks or rewards for being a part of the group/offer)?
  • What’s not included?
  • Number of people (if it’s a group thing – how much individualized attention will they get)?
  • Other important information
  • Options for partners/guests and extended invitations referral opportunities
  • Other options for discounts or bringing a friend


STEP 7 – Call to Action

You have shared all the information with the reader; now is the time to give the user the next action they should take, i.e., click on the call to action (CTA).

The call to action should be simple, straightforward, and attention-grabbing. You’ve often heard Instagram influencers calling their followers to “swipe up.” This is a single call to action for the video viewers. If they like to watch more or want to avail the described offer, they have to swipe up to know more.

Often landing pages on websites prefer not to add any other button, even the main menu, as it can distract visitors to click on any other link.

Similarly, you can add a call to action on your social media pages, presentation, or a video.



PRO TIP: Statistics show a call to action at the top or middle of the page has a higher click-through rate than the one at the bottom. Do place two CTAs, one in the middle and one at the bottom of the web page.

STEP 8 – Pricing

Determine your pricing and make it attractive for the visitor. Define your offer categories (who is it for, duration, offer add-ons/bonuses). Does your offer apply to children, adults, groups, segments of your customers (i.e., VIP members)? Is this a one time offer, limited time offer, or is it a subscription? etc.

You can create your pricing offers based on any of the following popular principles

Make it a bundle

Bundling up relevant items together offers a great value-for-money that customers cannot refuse.

Add exclusivity

Offer it as an exclusive deal, limited for specific people only.

Limited time offer

Set up a time limit to make it more attractive and add urgency to force users to click on the link RIGHT NOW!

Money-Back Guarantee

Offer customers a money-back guarantee. Customers will pay only when they have achieved their goal/ target. If the goal is not achieved, they will get their money back.


STEP 9 – Preview, Test & Feedback

No matter how knowledgeable you are about the topic, you need to preview your offer multiple times and get it reviewed.

Do some A/B testing, i.e., create two different offers or landing pages to see which one performs better.

Show it to your probable customers, random people of your target audience, and get their feedback. Modify if necessary.

Step 10 – Keep Analyzing Your Data

Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.– Peter Sondergaard

Keep analyzing your offer page  (often called landing page) to see if there is a high number of people who leave the page after visiting. If that is the case, update your offer to something more appealing.

Your goal is to keep the visitor’s/listener’s interest ‘til the end of the presentation. The longer someone listens to you or keeps reading your landing page, the more chances of them interested in your offer.

You want them to stay for the whole presentation and continue their journey on the page or click the button for the next page of the funnel.

There you go. Ten simple steps to creating an irresistible offer.


Whether you are creating your website, giving a presentation to your probable customers, or creating an online course, creating an effective lead generation offer is challenging. Following the above mentioned 10 points guide, you will be able to release your full potential to the world and have clients talking to you in no time.

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