Start Collecting Residual Income from the Beach, Couch or Wherever You Want to Be…

If you’re like so many other talented people, you’ve created incredible content, delivered unrivaled value, and built an impressive following…

…only to find out that a key piece is keeping you from turning that following into the sort of income you deserve.

Maybe you’ve written books, produced a podcast, built up a social media following, or grown something else from nothing. Shouldn’t all that hard work be rewarded? 

Isn’t it time you sat back with your feet up while collecting residual income from the beach, couch, or wherever it is you want to be?

Delivering the Key to Your Residual Income

In essence, residual income comes down to doing the work up front and getting rewarded for it later. When you have the resources of Empower Me Marketing at your disposal, that residual income comes in the form of an online package.

Online courses, content packages, digital resources…it all has one thing in common: a limited amount of work on the front end, and unlimited income potential on the back end.

But that’s where the doors keeping you from residual income keep stacking up:

  • What sort of online package can I create?
  • How do I market that package?
  • What will my offer be?
  • How do I create a clean, focused website that funnels my visitors toward this package?
  • How do I create a landing page that converts?
  • What about CRM, Google analytics, and social media integration?
  • What about A/B testing, monthly reporting, and optimization?

The mountain of obstacles is overwhelming, but we’ll hand you the key that opens every single door leading to your residual income…

Taking the Effort Out of Marketing

From building your online package to creating landing pages that convert at a high level, Empower Me Marketing removes the burdens of marketing standing between you and an epic life full of fulfillment, wealth, empowerment, fun, and collaboration.

Empowering You to Take a Vacation-Epic Life

Imagine taking a trip to some tropical island just because you feel like it.

When you get there, you head down to the beach, stick your toes in the sand, and check your bank app to see that another huge serving of residual income has been dumped into your account…

But how did it all happen? How can you be making money from the beach?

Systemizing Every Step to Put Your Marketing On Autopilot

A successful marketing system is like a puzzle—every piece needs to be in the perfect place in order to earn that fulfilling final picture that makes everything worth it.

The experts here at Empower Me Marketing have the proven techniques and strategies to deliver every single piece for you…

  • Branding
  • Call to Actions
  • Messaging
  • Content Strategy
  • Offer Design
  • Website Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • High-Converting Landing Pages
  • Advertising
  • Monthly Reporting
  • A/B Testing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Headlines
  • SEO
  • Joint Ventures
  • Sales Funnels

In your case, the final picture that can only be enjoyed when all the puzzle pieces are put together is an online residual income that funnels cash into your account no matter where you are…

Empower Your Team and Creat Residual Income-Best Vacation

Guiding You Toward Your First $100k

Discovering the way to creating residual income that makes you money without you having to lift a finger is like discovering the shortcut to your first $100k…

That’s why we call our comprehensive marketing package The $100k Club.

With Empower Me Marketing’s $100k Club Package, you’ll receive every piece of the marketing puzzle, which will be customized to YOU and YOUR BRAND through an easy-to-follow online course…. or we can build it out for you.

From branding to website creation to a customized marketing strategy and beyond, the $100k Club Package will include everything you need to start collecting residual income from the beach, the couch, or wherever you want to be…

In six short months, the $100k Club Online Course will have you well on your way to your first $100k!

Here’s how:

Session 1

Receive done-for-you online branding and platform optimization that will get you organized and frame your brand in the most appealing way.

Session 2

Receive the how-to’s of developing SEO-optimized and engaging content, headlines, and offers that will convert followers into buyers.

Session 3

Our marketing experts will review your website and recommend enhancements.

Session 4

Receive the how-to’s of building your list, leveraging influencers, and joint venture opportunities that funnel cash into your pockets.

Session 5

Delivers the landing pages and sales funnel that will produce residual income whether you’re at the beach, on your couch, or wherever you want to be!

Session 6

Our marketing experts will test, advertise, and optimize your online system in order to ensure you’re getting the most out of your sales funnel!

You’ll receive all of the above and more when you enroll in the $100k Club online program.

It’s time to discover the path to your first $100k and residual income…



Jump in and start feeling good about making the impact in the lives of the people you serve. Create a systemized program that delivers results and achieve the goals you desire.

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