How to Build Your Brand

Marketing Conversion Strategies for Growth

How to Build Your Brand

how to build your brand

Marketing tips and how to build your brand. Here are 7 steps to developing your brand with a bonus video tutorial at the end. Let the creativity begin!

  1. Research your target audience and your competitors.
    Look at their logos, website and social media feed for idea
  2. Pick your focus and personality.
    Colors, fonts and logo style all play into this. Look at your favorite brands and make note of these different parts of their logos and brand colors and the dynamic of the images, page layouts and placement of their logo that they use.
    Psychology of Color: – “HAPPY”: 


  3. Choose your business name.
    Brain dump all the names, adjectives and use the thesaurus and dictionary for ideas. Circle the ones that stand out to you in the straight forward (people can identify what you offer) to the more ambiguous (how people feel when engaging with your brand). Get playful and mix words, use half word and choose 3-10 to play with in a variety of ways. Then choose your top 3 words or business name.
  4. Write your slogan.
    This will be a 3-5 work statement that tells people who you are, what you do or signifies your mission and purpose. It’s quick to understand and make people ask questions and want to know more. Remember that catchy tag lines can help people remember you… What do you want to be remembered as / for?
  5. Choose the look of your brand.
    Now that you have all the components it’s time to put it all together… have fun with this and choose 2 primary colors with 3-5 secondary accent or background colors. 1 font family or 2 fonts (one for headlines and one for body copy). Decide if you want an icon, just words, initials or a combination for your logo.
  6. Design your logo.
    Resources include,, FIVERR, Upwork and of course working with a professional designer will range anywhere from $1000-100,000… (Contact us for a quote). Ultimately, it’s your choice and you need to understand that you get what you pay for. When choosing to work with a brand company or a marketing person, seek out someone who will take the time to understand you, your values, your customers and will support you through the entire process of branding (logo, brand style guide, website, social media platforms, content creation and ALL your business needs, messaging and building your brand awareness).
  7. Apply your branding across your business.
    Be sure to do a vision board when it comes to creating your full brand and developing this with your mission, messaging and how you want to be perceived by your audience.

    Take into consideration for quality, style, efficiency and what you want to be known for.

    HINT: It can’t be “great customer service”… but keeping up with NORDSTOM is not a bad idea!

    Go deep on this, and really take the time to understand WHY you do what you do and the IMPACT your products and services will have on your customer’s life and well-being as well as the people they refer.

Have fun! I’ve put this “How to Build Your Brand” using the website for all those just wanting to get started. Remember, it’s ok to change or update your logo (that part is easy)… but if you choose to build a brand, it’s worth getting a professional!

For customized brands, a brand style guide and optimizing your online branding presence, graphic design and more, check out our SERVICES PAGE.

Here’s one more fun find.

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