$100K Club

Marketing Conversion Strategies for Growth

What Is The $100k Club?

The $100k Club is a group of people who are dedicated to creating their residual income money making machine(s) through online courses and automated sales funnels. With that being said, we’d like you to know that we’ve taken the time to develop our programs in a way that will meet you at your level. Whether you want to just watch and try to do this on your own or you’d prefer to just have it done for you, we are here for you!

At Empower Me Marketing, our team is committed to supporting you – the entrepreneur, coach, consultant and/or expert to develop your course and discover the strategies and options to use to automate your marketing and support you to sell your course.

There are many people and consultants selling the ideas around this concept, but what’s different about Empower Me Marketing is that we built our funnels from the ground up meaning that we understand how to build online marketing funnels that are essentially free, as well as funnels that have all the integrated bells and whistles. We know how to coach you or just get it done quickly with minimal upfront fees.

The $100k Club allows you to enter at any level.

Why The $100K Club

Once upon a time, I invested in myself with 2 different groups. The first one promised to help me get my business up and running, systemized and working well. I had invested a significant chunk of money and was promised one-on-one consultations with an expert in my industry. They had this huge platform with all sorts of resources, but no real navigation on what to do first or an overview of the process of having a successful business. In the one-on-one consultations, the mentor continued to tell me I needed to invest in these systems and tools that cost additional money, one was $3k! Since I was only bringing in $1500/month and was barely paying my bills, this was impossible considering I’d already invested the first chunk. Needless to say, I was left extremely discouraged and lost my investment.

I tried again – this time it was a mentorship specific to my industry of marketing and promised to help me build on online sales funnel with an easy 5-page funnel. Again, once we started in on the learning, they were asking me to purchase online platforms and integrations to the tune of $2000/mo just to have it all up and running, integrated and built out with ALL the bells and whistles. I did build the ship…. I learned how to sell better and did walk away with a base knowledge of one way to build a funnel. Ultimately once I built the ship, I just couldn’t sell at a price point that allowed me to keep this ship floating…. and it sank!

Not sure if any of you have experienced something like this, but I know from speaking with many people that digital marketing can be not only overwhelming, but knowing where and when to invest can be a bit of a test-and-see process.

Finally, we have found options that don’t cost much, but really work and seeing conversions and results is VERY EXCITING! Being able to provide solutions for all levels of businesses is truly great and I’m excited to share these with you.

This is why I’ve created the $100k Club.

If you have an offer and want to build out your online sales funnel or you want to create an online course for residual income, you’ve come to the right place!

Why us

We help you design
the life you want.

We believe in you. We believe that each and everyone of us has God given gifts and talents that need to be shared with the world. We help you to not only discover your gifts and talents, but help you build a strategy to monetize your gifts and talents through digital marketing.

Empowerment-Epic Life-Pool-Couple in Love

What You Get in The $100k Club

A Well-Defined Offer

Often when we work with clients, they have several different offers that they are managing through their websites. In the $100k Club, we get super clear on the core offer that will make you $100k and function as a residual income strategy.

A Landing Page Series

You will choose what type of landing page you would like from a range of options. Some landing pages may be built on the backend of your website or within your CRM, some may have their own platforms. Depending on the features or “bells &. whistles” you request, we will collaborate with you and create a landing page series that will fit your needs and budget. Each page in the series will be tested and connected to conversion tracking so we will know your exact numbers (i.e. we send 1000 people to the landing page series and each page of the series will convert at a certain percentage).

A Marketing Campaign

Your marketing campaign will adapt to your needs and the success of your landing page series. Our main goal is to understand the metrics for the landing page series and then develop marketing campaigns that help generate traffic to this series or your main offer. This may include a blog, email campaign, content marketing through social media and/or advertising. Again, this will be customized for your budget and the complexity of this process.

Tests, Options, KPIs & Reports

One size does not fit all. When working with any marketing group, it is important to test. Working with copywriters who are adept at writing catch headlines and truly understanding your target market will be critical to connecting with them and having engaging content. With the $100k Club you will see how we develop your offer, landing pages, content and marketing strategies, testing along the way. This process will not only optimize your results, but help secure the results we define.

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