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Define your audience

Understanding your ideal target market, what they struggle with, need and want is your first step. We will research keyword phrases and key questions that they are asking as part of our research phase.

Develop your strategy

Setting goals, milestones and KPIs will help us understand what you want to achieve and how we will measure the strategies in your plan. If you are ready to have marketing done-for-you, we will set up the strategy for each offer that you'd like to build and everything we need to test and track the results.

Show Up Consistently

Taking a look at how you are showing up online on all platforms will help you see your overall branding, how well your profiles are filled out and where you stand vs the competition.

Optimize and Automate

As with any other system in business, getting results, optimizing and automating your marketing keeps your engine humming. Knowing your numbers is everything when it comes to knowing if your strategy is successful. We are here to serve, empower you and support you and the growth of your business.

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Choose the plan That’s Right for you

Empower Me Marketing enjoys working with coaches, consultants and experts who focus onempowering others with their solutions.

We have several opportunities for you to engage at any level whether you just need a kick start, some training or you are ready to have your marketing work like an engine and have it done-for-you. We are here to support you in developing a marketing strategy. 

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Per month

Best results occur with a 3-month minimum commitment.


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Per month

Best results occur with a 6-month minimum commitment.


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Frequently asked questions

These sessions are dedicated to clarifying your goals, your target market and 1-2 steps that you can implement towards achieving one of your goals.

You can decide if you’d like to implement that with some support, some training or have it done-for-you.

We will also go over a strategy you can implement over the next 3-6 months and the options you have. By working with many business owners at all stages of their business, network and discovering resource for my own business, I’m happy to share these resources with you.

Results may vary, but typically our clients see a significant boost in people noticing them and their business with our strategies. Many find it extremely valuable and walk away with a refreshed look to their main social media platform and they have more confidence knowing specific tips they can use for capturing new leads.

In our first month of your 3-month commitment, we will focus on getting clear on your goals, objectives and the strategy that will make the most impact for you in your business. Onboarding includes taking an assessment of how you are showing up online, a review of your branding and optimizing all social media platforms, your call-to-actions and forms on your website. Within the first 2 weeks, we will implementing our strategy and setting you up for success.

Once we have prepared everything, we will launch our strategy and continue to feed your audience with great content on a regular basis. Google Analytics and other tools will show us results within the first month. We do our best to automate or systemize everything to optimize the strategy.

This plan is built for coaches, consultants and/or small businesses who just wants to focus on using their talents and skills with clients, but knows they need to have more consistent marketing. Many of our clients are not tech savvy or they have spent countless hours trying to figure things out or worse, they’ve invested in something that just didn’t work. We are here to take this off your plate, get it done and show you the results.

Initially, the Key Offer Plan is similar to the Essential Plan, but we spend of extra time defining one main offer that you’d like to focus on and create a complete sales funnel for this offer. Within the month, we will implementing our strategy and setting you up for releasing this key offer.

Design and implementation of all items in the strategy will be launched and we will be able to see results by month 3 and make any adjustments and optimizations during the following months.

This plan is built for coaches, consultants and/or small businesses who have an offer or package that is valued at $2500 or more. This plan is built to not only capture prospects, but also designed to nurture and warm up your prospects so that when they book their strategy session, you don’t have to repeat who you are or what you do — you can focus on helping your customers get the solutions they need.

We focus on creating this systemized sales funnel that is automated with advertising. Once we see the numbers and conversions, it’s just a matter of how much we turn up the ad spend.

Have more questions? Book a quick 15-minute free phone call with us. Book a 15-Minute Call.

Our clients say

"Laura and her team of professionals upgraded and redesigned my website staying within the promised budget. The new design and creative marketing ideas embedded in the website will help me capture more market share and promote my business. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Open Ocean Marketing for all your web and marketing needs."
Andi PORTRAIT-College Counselor-Admissions Expert-San Diego
Andi Frimmer
Expert College Asmissions Counselor
"Laura's hard work and abundant creativity put our little upstart of a jewelry appraisal business on the map. She not only designed and implemented our splendid website, she also designed our business cards and guided us with much of our initial business decisions. Due in great part to our superior website, we are now the number one jewelry appraiser in northern San Diego County. Laura was a crucial part of our business beginnings and she will continue to remain an integral part of our business as it matures."
Marla Belbel
Jewelry Appraisal Expert
"Laura is incredibly talented! I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Erik Ludwig-Patent Attorney
Erik Ludwig
Intellectual Property Attorney
"Before working with Laura, I was unclear how to market my business. I needed clarity in a lot of things. Laura's program, Empower Me, helped me clearly define the core problem my program resolves, my target audience, and even create a working landing page that converts. By clearly defining my core problem and target audience and really diving deep into what I sought to achieve, I was able to move from a place of uncertainty, anxiety, and (let's face it) fear around the future of my business to a place of ease, peace, and productivity. Thanks Laura for shining your light and igniting mine. If you're feeling stuck, but know (you just know!) there's something more, hit up Laura. Her incredible program and insight will be sure to help you find your path."
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doc peace
Transformational Speaker

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